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The Hythe

Updated: May 5, 2020

Here at The 87 Press we are unveiling the next of our ever-growing branches of our collective machine: The Hythe. Derived from the Anglo-Saxon hȳð referring to a small river landing-place, The Hythe will be a haven of odd-bits and loose-ends, a port of poetic murmurings, and a dock harbouring small vessels of thought as they struggle to stay afloat in our saturated world of op-eds and think-pieces.

The Hythe also refers to a leafy house situated in Croydon designed in the Arts & Crafts style. A Victorian revival of the Tudor cottage submerged in the suburbs. And yet merely down the road industry was abound. First fuelled by the River Wandle, then the emergent train network, and more recently Croydon’s reinvention as a post-industrial metropolis; brutalism par excellence. What better place to think from in conceiving the futurist warehouses of thought at the interstices of service-oriented banality and cultural ephemera in a move of pure disidentification.

The Hythe operates as a space composed of rogue jetties where archaic misrememberings meet the pyscho-social moorings of a world both in-decay and overgrown, like the re-purposing of detritus through an impulse of poetic machination; where Blade Runner-esque vessels pass through the transit points of leaky conservatories and abandoned tenements; where motley crews run amuck and balti houses battle it out.

Send us your poems, reviews, essays, rants, retaliations, visual ephemera, recordings, overly ambitions essay plans, collectively written statements of misintent, and poorly-phrased tweets.

Photo by Jeremy Cooper.

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