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DOOM ENGINE by Juha Virtanen

Bloodletting heats peaced out catchy with scratch-iron scribal

and nilpotent adrenal fatigues in scenic lifting, take vitamins so

optioned cashless, goth optimists jabbing such tender red. Ro-

ro helix humidities closing, turnstiles mosaic and seven in smug

brooming so hollowed out scene: no free movement with stop-

and-search. Singed this arctic megafaunal struck from gestures

pigging, no cordial mint vapours enter soured London spits like

here’s some dud busting, breathe deeply in skid: head lice instead.

What syntax drubbing counter totals sorbets limbic for glowing,

more blaring knuckled tightly in dust sheets backing it rich; you

know this wrong turn decades keenly, blip buzzing through time-

lines affirmed. Sized piglet historic, these tanning neons plugged

sedate like squares nervous falling, my ears flaked in chambered

pairs; in fact possessed. Say it pitting rigged private out-flapping

our burns: messed foothold swims partied blowing lights out at

speed; clique mysterio so falsely for kicks. Boris Johnson is dead

Already but not yet, not deep enough in just dumb oozing. Grape

jollies giddy catching matched and wave this hell trending: open

spritzers, the sober margin seems puffed axial raining, Fridays

lent tarmac sick. Salve cream headbang the fizz, flatlining wind-

swept crease in stunt outing nostalgic, my grounding tanked duly

this sweat. No bandwidth feigns likeness to this: stress muskier

waste hammered in bits, is it rhythm working former postures

to shreds, tendon neck crunch alien so thorough with poison

And boiling, Executive. Burst tiding legit routine greased thinly,

wink hard hat again remotely contained: tuft hand wave greets

tersely that neighbourhood rim, ascending toothpaste to hi-vis

instead. Light sweeties, it’s mostly pieced calmer from garbage

to play, no joke turbos theta like clobbering thumb cross-talk

on raffle meat extras, huffed. Returning brush hazy, low-calibre

daybreak engines it biffed: talent ricochets that creamy in super-

dome speech, fine nothing voice trumpets, can we get out of here.

Logic inverse meme languish what is dormant today: rando hot-

fix shrinking its stubbed crispy, we’re speeding so pungent and

sugary. Haemoglobin counting twinned this muted, buck up to

ruffle it crooked as safe as obvious is. Bits subject onerous, kid,

charm wardrobe boffola backtracking in pulse derided. Ding.

Mattress optics block vision to stairs, care often pebbled slings

grazed knees to blue rubber on fence; shelled roadside calculus

from classic chicken punchlined to wrench. No sins but the rich.

Uplift tightly broken, the knots turn blinding to sweats. What

heart is charged vacant feeding dry patch to sediment here: un-

nerving zone this pratfall decoy like redefined terms propelling

evades; that lively. Dispersed so sunken, stomach curbing hand

rolled the vouchers displayed; badge floating select gulped then

slides the further it gets, repeating this quiet say miasmic tendon

nursing insects to health, but bury it. Mock zesty filing the fruc-

tose to ground that’s prepared: administered. Hope you’re OK.

Juha Virtanen’s publications include Back Channel Apraxia (Contraband 2014), -LAND (Oystercatcher 2016), and the critical study Event and Effect (Palgrave Macmillan 2017). DOOM ENGINES will hopefully be finished later this year. Together with Eleanor Perry, he co-runs DATABLEED and its related reading series DATABLEEDER. He works as Senior Lecturer in Contemporary Literature at the University of Kent, and from September he'll be the Director of Kent’s Centre for Modern Poetry.

Image by Juha Virtanen

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