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Digital Poetics: 3 Poems by Carlos Mauricio Rojas

Train wreck marks the transition between when I was in Milton Keynes in the first Lockdown in March 2020, caring for my parents, to moving back to London at the end of the summer. The poem notices the change in the physical environment and its effects on the body. Uninstall Application is an account of the 2015 climate march and recalls a gay man from Pakistan who showed me a picture of his friend who had died in a UK detention centre. A Closet Goodbye is about Roy Adrien Curtis, a queer, neuro diverse man of colour who was found dead in a cupboard in his flat. He had been there for 9 months before he was found. He was a former member of an LGBTQ+ youth club that I was working at when news of his death was announced.


Train wreck

The train passes through your flat

several times throughout the day

a pole spears through you gives you

time to do something with your life

a fruit fly bounces on the note-pad

the bay window kisses into itself

glass everywhere like stars

like a piano the house plays

into the ground a passenger

breaks-up with their partner

over text the floor beneath them

opens the tracks fanged the tunnel

swelling back into the throat

of the river the street lights

toiling with yield the teeth loosened

filled with earth the cups blaze into petals

out of skulls bones bloom

books see their past lives as trees

flying like geese the cutlery flocks

many mouths unveiling house plants

seeing what we’ve done the phone rings

and everything is as bright as an eye

swallowing a bonfire your mother called

cuho hijo

estoy pensando en ti

bullet-hole sized entries

a dios te bendiga

ribs smoothly driving out like antlers

te recibes mi mensaje?

the debris and rose of it all

death nodding with an umbrella in hand.


Uninstall Application

The fox on the road waiting for my chest

to say something.

Daises breaking

veins into concrete.


skeletons of fish.

A farm dogs curiosity

on how a mountain stretches its tongue.

I want to tell the fox I’m sorry my eyes

have turned against me but my tongue

has killed itself.

Kept the candle lit

in my throat.

Making playlists for when

the ghouls come to play.

Little moons

keep my body assembled for this long.

I spent the last showers of rain with my spine.

Finding my centre on the easel.

The heron flies like a river-dragon

gives me snail shells worth of emptiness.

The blue moth has come to visit

abandoned beasts

and you’re making graves

like you’re just beginning.

We fashioned wings from chewed

ginger and bankers marrow.

battle-cry hoodies

banners from spirals in ice.

Coffins with the names of oil companies.

Smoke from our palms.

Coalescing wretches to un-whiten

the sabotaged bloc.

The deer looks

at us understanding our closed hands.

There was nothing I could do for the man

who showed me a picture of his dead friend.


A Closet Goodbye

For Roy Adrian Curtis

you close the door hoping

your eyes peel off the sun

against god’s eyes

you lay your final bed

put out your cigarette

sipped from a cracked

tea-cup to playlists

singing you to sleep

with yourself inside

goodbye notes typed

Instinctual hands

constant like shattered faith

upward to a tinged answer

for despair

the damselfly admiring

your breathe

as if waiting for summer to leak

out of the corrugated

memory of august

you describe the body

dancing in a bedroom

the rain rains so gently

Its devastating

your hands downward

to a dyed corpus

of abandon

you close the door

with yourself inside

to chase the gleam

opening somewhere

where sand castles

float above the sea

a magician sits

with their books

under a bridge

analysing a tool

brushing the fire

naming the wreckage

is it you steps away

from the protest

passing a flower

to someone.


Carlos Mauricio Rojas is a British Welsh Colombian poet based in London. They are a recipient of The Invisible Presence Programme for British and LatinX poets and writers 2018. Carlos is a co-founder of Maricumbia, a queer latinX dance night running from 2016-2019 raising funds to support the Latin American Peoples Disabled Project and The Save Latin Village campaign. They founded Paosar (poets action of solidarity and resistance) raising money to support LGBTQIA people in South America and in London. Their work has appeared on clavmag an online magazine for queer writers and they have performed their poetry at The Roundhouse and at Bare-Lit festival at The Albany Theatre. In October 2020 Carlos was selected for Poetry Lonon’s mentoring scheme where they are mentored by Vahni Capildeo. Carlos is currently working on their chapbook which will be their first printed body of work. Their poems talk about themes of migration, queer and trans existence, and multicultural heritage.


This publication is in Copyright. Carlos Mauricio Rojas, 2021.

The moral right of the author has been asserted. However, the Hythe is an open-access journal and we welcome the use of all materials on it for educational and creative workshop purposes.

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