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Digital Poetics 2.7 Selections from Now, Voyager by Gizem Okulu

The moon keeps changing

where the horizon is

An occupied sky

a pile of imposters


Your separation from yourself

this high

to finally feel

the sun on your face

suspended there

you crash-landed

onto the moon

a sacrifice in

outer space.

(For my throbbing eye means

that I will travel

far away.)

All’s well that begins well!


You refused sleep

in order to stay awake

with the ghosts.

Who taught you

the coordinates

of objects.

Pinpointed natural


The fires and


of Smyrna

where the Aegean

does not have hold

no regime can

take hold of space heart!


(Imposed layers on selves

through the opening of masks.)

Only alive by its nostalgia, secret searches out

empire, tiny gleaming objects in the distance

I thought you were there, watching it sink.


Worksite here

Worksite there

Residential apartment complex


A shopping mall right here

and here

and here

here and here

It did not take long

the reconstruct-

ion of the moon

skinning its skin

juicing its meat

for a loneliness that precedes

our cosmic intake

(Voyager’s lips stuck together

in this Moonland forsaken.)



What form

do you want to see

your future in?

In the world

there is nobody asleep



Space march:

(Tadada tadada tadada ta

tadada tadada tadada ta

tadada tadada tadada ta

tadada tadada tadada ta

tadada tadada tadada ta

tadada tadada tadada ta

Sad step, forward!)


Is the universe a thing

that falls at full speed

you’re found guilty

in the sea of void

do nothing just wait

it’s there the sun but

it’s not going to save you

the trees are not shadowing you

they’re perhaps more real

which means loyal caring for your memories

but all my disasters are my disasters

if that brings you solace.

(Bodies of thick cloud

surrounding the cell

you and I have made

so that everyone’s fakery

comes in here.)


Gizem Okulu is the author of Too Sliced for Landing (Materials, 2017 (2nd printing: 2018)), Master Island (Tipped Press, 2018), and most recently Now, Voyager (Veer Books, 2021). She lives in London.


The moral right of the author has been asserted. However, the Hythe is an open-access journal and we welcome the use of all materials on it for educational and creative workshop purposes.

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