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Digital Poetics #10 what date do other countries celebrate 4th of july? : Caspar Heinemann

huffing carcinogens from the last century

i am a giant child dying

there’s been old hippies for a long time now

i just can’t face

any new ones

already by the turn of the mid

day my password manager is stretched, satiated,

sluttily we never wanted

this world

so it’s a geek act

i swallow chicken eggs and spit them out on sawdust

as surplus value for you-know-who

then arrive some days, monkish reform and renunciation

vital tchotchke in amnesty, i eyeball the threat of interlocutors

eloping w remains -

denim streamers,

ballpark figures,

lactose free



very nice cults,

henry hoover family,

that old new dying

hubris happens by hemp

thread mall zombie abbie

hoffman haunts postwar

drive thru satellite

seeks same other

one with everything

impossible burger

cincinnati pike

howsaboutit? ‘you’ ‘got’ a whole country w

which to attorney the contrary, through the dead my dad says

american music is different in


but perhaps the little fish

loved all that mercury

up in their apertures

mildew on stock piled apple pie canned fog rolls in

lets the pigs run free

babe, honey, kraut, my a-frame kit home - the platform

was never designed to accommodate

communities of more than half a dozen

especially w this

committed 100% unemployment thingum w line

caught salmon thingamabob

altruism and spoilt what all else -

human potential?

it’s an inherited pathology is all

goatmilking paltry supra-terrestrial expanses I was in my room and I was just like

staring at the wall Thinking about everything But

then again I was thinking about nothing, scandinavia, 501s, and:

red apples blue tits green pastures orange oranges-

Mike! Mike! and sadly i’m still here for it, like really

fucking here for it, you know? and just like that my e-numbers

shoot off the scale all up in

cybernetic’s caloric deficit

going clear and chemical doxa

strawberry protein shake 3am

high ’n’ loaded ancient enclosures


it levitated, coming from me as some

one who is not afraid to deign

a spade a spade and

i saw it as clear as day with my own two

historiographies, fringe to collar

diligent and up for mouth dilation, trepanning, any and all

viable peer-reviewed means to have a little fun w friends

reverse calcification, play pretend

above-the-neck money is no object

try this- dental insur- no-banana skins, uh-for ersatz

psych-, syk! no, uh, bacon- lite

like experience, slushy medicine

experience! like some prohibition prep fantasy transgression via

burner nerds combine harvester tech frat fuckers’ foundational hatred of

wimmin and rugrats

self-driving breakneck around the biodome

cracking open a nice cold weak jawed skull to brain

stem the flow, on labor day, of all days…

it’s a frankly inappropriate this-like-that like -

they get gaia they get hegel they get it but they get to choose a side

get it?

regardless, somehow,

let’s have a ball

let’s have a dig

sugared powdered whipped



dig it?

the thing is they didn’t die which made it, y’know,

but when that happens it’s unavoidable so

i’m still, well, all crunchy flower w delusions of grandeur, still,

here for their end of times and

in parallel

i say the kitchen is very small, my friend

asks if it is one of the thin long ones, i say yes

the same shape as the long ones, only short

that’s the thing w culture

one of us has to be lying


Caspar Heinemann is a poet, artist, and academia-adjacent independent researcher based in London and Berlin. Their research interests include critical mysticism, gay biosemiotics, illegitimate communisms, and professional irreverence. They have previously written on a pantheon including John Wieners, Diane di Prima, Paul Thek, and Derek Jarman. They hold a BA in Fine Art from Goldsmiths, University of London. Novelty Theory is their first book. 


This publication is in Copyright. Caspar Heinemann, 2020.

The moral right of the author has been asserted. However, the Hythe is an open-access journal and we welcome the use of all materials on it for educational and creative workshop purposes.

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